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Symbol   Introduction     Background   Character    Purpose    Activity     Fund    Organization
( MCDW )


MCDW, Establishment from society initiative that care about to Contributions and process mining results. This NGO established in Sumbawa – West Nusatenggara – Indonesia.

Address :  PO.BOX. 1085 Bandung 40010 West Java Indonesia
Mobile +62-08122007378 
Fax        ::+62 ( 022) -4215541 
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NTB Office
Jl. Kenari Raya no. 9 BTN Babakan Permai Mataram NTB
telp / fax : 0370 - 640125 mobile : 08123754779
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1. Non care indication Government and Investor to Indonesian people (Mining area) into make work Contract at Orde Baru.
2. Indonesia to form rich area with Mineral Resource.
3. Mining Contribution results toward Indonesia income great enough, but contribution for mining area very conscious.
4. Used focus mining results by province government and regency government not yet focus by harmonizing society trust 
5. Independent institution less into criticism government and investor policy in connection with Mining activity
6. To plaint cooperation with local, national and international NGO’s use to get information up to date, for give inform to government and investor into try development mining area.


MCDW Character: independent, volunteer, and non-tied up with Government, politic part, investor, and definite group.


1. Active monitor mining investor activity in the territory.
2. Criticism all policy form in related with mining activity from investor although government that not care to Indonesian people.
3. Active monitor toward still policy into help framework government to make law sets of equipment in related with mining activity
4. Active participation help district government toward distribution mining results, exactly manner to local society
5. Active participation help investor for community empowerment in mining area
6. To defy power used that violate law and act
7. To do campaign use to push government and investor to pay attention to environment where mining operation
8. To improve society welfare and resource people
9. To push law way and moral standard if polemic occurred between society in mining area toward government although investor, so that anarchist action to preventive


1. To do humane activity and to give moral support according to reactive although. Anticipation, and proactive for all society, although individual, groups and or society to optimal use mining results for local society.
2. To try and builds data network, management and information. Important in framework development mining results, process monitor, development influence mining area society, environment changing monitor and advocating way
3. Active action to erect or commitment  toward law and act
4. Action and participation active to support and to success government development program in welfare sector Indonesian society
5. To open consultant institution, study institution, research, foundation to help government and investor to increase development, community empowerment, resources people.


1. To do investigation about public information from investor toward in fact reality
2. To do publicity way to pass print media, electronic media and Internet for public information socialization from investor toward in fact reality
3. To do criticism and warning or information at least if investor manipulated information
4. To do law claim if investor no care to law and act with policy to be valid at the moment
5. To plait cooperation with other NGO’s, government institution and international Institutions
6. To organize routine research toward all investor activity
7. To organize seminar, informal discussion, about a role and activity figure, contribution, investor policy, and or condition that needs socialization between investor, society, and government.

Toward Government
1. To do investigation about results and used mining fund contribution
2. To do pressure so that government transparency to give public information about fund value that to get from mining contribution kind of: royalty, tax, although other income
3. To do criticism and warning or information at least if government manipulated information
4. To do law claim to ward person on purpose data manipulated and fund used mining contribution not harmonizing procedure
5. To do lobby toward legislative for tight control used fund-mining contribution
6. To do organize to help government to prepare and to plan development that exactly target
7. To control active development implementation in micro area


1. The framework a way to achieve organization mission, approximation doings, consultant and law procedure and or meeting to enable MCDW to protest with ways
? To do protest and or criticism with media to include: print media, leaflet, radio, televise and Internet
? To do protest with legal way and peace, good order, for to convey, criticism, petition, declaration and or claim toward side to doing violation / manipulation that way procedure by act and rule to be valid at the moment.
2. For expedient to create vision and mission organization can partnership with society, expert and or organization have the same obsession, mission, conception, perception together with vision that same. Toward defense people interest

Organization wealth comprise
3. Basic fund
4. Donation from other funding, well individual although local, national, and international cooperation
5. Regular sponsor
6. Gift, Donation or last will donation

Contribution in kind to be use for operational expense. Used fund will control from auditor and to publish into society per year
For regular/irregular sponsor, financial report will be direct report to sponsor

1. Not to bind organization well regular or irregular
2. Not to disturbs independent MCDW
3. Sponsor never and never will to do economic criminal
4. Sponsor obliged to respect basic human rights

Fund Organization use for
1. Organization expense
2. Program expense


MCDW to implement activity, to own one organization comprises expert board and working committee. While expert board have function to implement ethics control, suggestion and idea support to ward working committee into try to achieve organization vision. Working committee have function to try and to implement for achieve one vision
Every member MCDW to stand at attention obliged and acts concordant with ethic code, namely:
1. To have humane commitment
2. Never to done criminal action well economic, politic and basic human rights
3. Independent 

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