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About NMA Membership


ABC Industries, Inc.MINExpo®, booth #2323!
ABS Pumps Inc.
ACME Dynamics, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #3631!
Acordia Mid Atlantic
Alabama Bag Company, LLC
Alabama Coal Association
Alaska Miners Association
Allegheny Power Service Corp.
Alliance Coal LLC
Allmand Bros. Inc.
AmerCable MINExpo®, booth #3313!
American Coal Company, The
American Electric Power Service Corp.
American Insulated Wire MINExpo®, booth #1758!
American International Group (AIG)MINExpo®, booth #5303!
American Isuzu Motors Inc.MINExpo®, booth #1557!
American Productivity, Inc.
Ames Construction, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #840!
AMS Technologies MINExpo®, booth #1711!
AMVEST Minerals Company
Anderson & Schwab, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #5230!
AngloGold North America Inc.
Anker Energy Corporation
Ansul Incorporated MINExpo®, booth #3804!
APG Lime Corp.
Arch Coal, Inc. 
Arch Environmental EquipmentMINExpo®, booth #6021!
ARESCO, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #7482!
Arizona Mining Association
Arthur Andersen LLP
ASARCO Incorporated
Association of Oklahoma General Contractors
ATIC Services Americas, Inc.
Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.MINExpo®, booth #3133!
A.T. Massey Coal Company Inc.
Austin Powder Company



Baldwin Filters MINExpo®, booth #3652!
Bank of Montreal
Barclays Bank PLC
Barr Engineering CompanyMINExpo®, booth #1057!
Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.MINExpo®, booth #8407!
Battle Mountain Gold Company
Bechtel Corporation
Behre Dolbear & Company, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #4135! 
Berkeley Forge & Tool, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #7583!
Berwind Natural Resources Corp.
Broken Hill Proprietary Co Ltd (BHP)
Boart Longyear CompanyMINExpo®, booth #1939!
Brookville Mining Equipment MINExpo®, booth #3939!
Brown and Caldwell
Donald P. Brown
BryDet Development Corporation 
Brush Wellman Inc.MINExpo®, booth #1668!
Buchanan Ingersoll, P.C.
Buckeye Industrial Mining Co.
Bucyrus International, Inc.MINExpo®, booth #6483!
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad



C. E. Niehoff & Co.MINExpo®, booth #1257!
California Mining Association
Cambior USA, Inc.
Canica-Jaques Crusher Mfg. Co.
Canterbury Coal Company
Case, Pomeroy & Company, Inc.
Caterpillar Inc. MINExpo®, booth #6332!
Centrifugal & Mechanical Inds. MINExpo®, booth #1513!
CertainTeed Corporation MINExpo®, booth #4224!
Chase Securities, Inc.
Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co.MINExpo®, booth #4005!
CIT Group/Equipment Financing MINExpo®, booth #7783!
Citibank, N.A.
Clayton Group Services, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8975!
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.
Cliffs Engineering, Inc.
Clintwood Elkhorn Mining Co.
Coal Operators & Associates
Coastal Coal Company, LLC
Cobb, Frank
Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp. 
Colorado Mining Association 
Commercial Testing & Engineering Co. MINExpo®, booth #6785! 
CONSOL Coal Group
Continental Conveyor & Equipment Co. MINExpo®, booth #8429!
Cotter Corporation
Cravat Coal Company
Crowell & Moring
CSX Transportation
Cubex Limited MINExpo®, booth #8767!
Cummins Engine Company, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8129!
Cyprus Amax Minerals Company



DBT America Inc. MINExpo®, booth #3121!
DCL International Inc. MINExpo®, booth #3975!
Degussa-Huls Corporation MINExpo®, booth #4901!
Derrick CorporationMINExpo®, booth #6883!
Detroit Diesel Corporation MINExpo®, booth #3805!
Det Norske Veritas MINExpo®, booth #1350!
Deutz Corporation MINExpo®, booth #9007!
Dingess-Rum Properties, Inc.
Doe Run Company, The
Dolet Hills Mining Venture
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Draeger Safety, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #2933!
Drummond Company, Inc.
Duquesne Light Company
Dux Machinery Corporation MINExpo®, booth #8651!
DYNO NOBEL Inc. MINExpo®, booth #6475!
Dywidag Systems International MINExpo®, booth #3500!



Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc.
East Fairfield Coal Co.
EIMCO LLC MINExpo®, booth #7028!
Eklund Drilling Company, Inc.
Electro-Coal Transfer Corp.
Energy Resources, Inc.
Energy Trading Corporation
Enron Capital & Trade Resources
Ensign-Bickford Company, The MINExpo®, booth #3839!
EnviroTech PumpsystemsMINExpo®, booth #5401!
Equilon Enterprises LLC MINExpo®, booth #6775!
Ernst & Young LLP
ESCO Corporation MINExpo®, booth #7082!
ESRI MINExpo®, booth #1828!
Euclid-Hitachi Heavy Equipment, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #7052!
Excel Machinery Ltd. MINExpo®, booth #3209!
Excel Mining Systems, Inc. Div. of ANI Metal Products MINExpo®, booth #9010!
Exxon Mobil Corporation MINExpo®, booth #2733!



Fairchild International MINExpo®, booth #2909!
FFE Minerals USA Inc. MINExpo®, booth #3847!
Fieldston Consulting, a Hagley-Bailly Business
First Union National Bank
Financial Times Energy, Inc.
Fisher Mining, Inc.
Flexible Steel Lacing CompanyMINExpo®, booth #4239!
Florence Mining Company, The
Florida Phosphate Council, Inc.
Fluor Daniel Mining & Metals
FMC Corporation MINExpo®, booth #6411!
Fosroc Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8286!
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold
Furbee Amos Webb & Critchfield



Garson, Peter M.
GE Transportation Systems MINExpo®, booth #8167!
GEMCOM (USA), Inc.MINExpo®, booth #749!
Georgia Mining Association
Godwin Pumps of America, Inc.MINExpo®, booth #6067!
Goodman Equipment CorporationMINExpo®, booth #4025!
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. MINExpo®, booth #6003!
Griles, J. Steven



Harding Lawson Associates
Harnischfeger CorporationMINExpo®, booth #'s 7010, 6711, 6875!
Harrison-Wyatt L.L.C.
Harrison Mining Corporation
Hauhinco MINExpo®, booth #1419!
Hecla Mining Company
Heenan, Althen & Roles
Hendrix Manufacturing Co., Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8629!
Hepburnia Coal Company
Hill & Associates, Inc.
Hitachi Construction Machinery (America) Corp. MINExpo®, booth #8629!
Holmes Limestone Company
Homestake Mining Company
Host, T. Parker, Inc.
Humphreys Enterprises, Inc.
Hurricane CompressorsMINExpo®, booth #4339!
Hydratight Sweeney MINExpo®, booth #4253!
Hydrocarbon Technologies, Inc.



Idaho Mining Association
Illinois Coal Association
IMC Global Inc.
INCO United States, Inc.
Indiana Coal Council, Inc.
Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association, Inc.
Ingersoll-Rand CompanyMINExpo®, booth #9230!
International Uranium (USA) Corp. 
Intertec Publishing Corp.MINExpo®, booth #1405!
Interwest Mining Company
IronPlanet MINExpo®, booth #9107!
Iron Mining Association of Minnesota
ITOCHU Coal International Inc.
ITT Flygt Corporation MINExpo®, booth #5113!



Jackson & Kelly
Jamieson Construction Co., Inc.
Jennmar Corporation MINExpo®, booth #3825!
J. H. Fletcher & Co.MINExpo®, booth #1619!
Jim Walter Resources, Inc.
John T. Boyd Company
J.P. Morgan & Co.
J. R. Simplot Company



Kaeser Compressors, Inc.MINExpo®, booth #2859!
KenAmerican Resources, Inc.
Kennecott Energy Company
Kennecott Utah Copper Corp.
Kentucky Coal Association
Kentucky River Coal Corp.
Kerr-McGee Corporation
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners
Komatsu Mining Systems, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #7529!
Krebs EngineersMINExpo®, booth #3833!
Kress Corporation MINExpo®, booth #6043!
Kvaerner Metals MINExpo®, booth #3818!
Kyanite Mining Corporation



Lafayette Coal Company
Lake Shore Mining Equipment MINExpo®, booth #7567!
Lamarche Manufacturing Company
Lancaster Malleable Castings
Layne Christensen CompanyMINExpo®, booth #3605!
LeTourneau, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #7710!
Liebherr Mining Equipment Co.MINExpo®, booth # 9200!
Lignite Energy Council
Line Power Manufacturing Co. MINExpo®, booth #6051!
LMC INTERNATIONAL/ Deister Environmental Division MINExpo®, booth #3508!
Long-Airdox CompanyMINExpo®, booth #2423!



Maple Creek Mining, Inc.
Marietta Coal Company
Marston & Marston, Inc.MINExpo®, booth #8917!
Maryland Coal Association (Maryland Coal, Inc.)
Master Builders Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8113!
McDermott, Will & Emory
McLanahan Corporation MINExpo®, booth #4139!
Media Solutions International, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #6897!
MEGA Corp. MINExpo®, booth #6382!
Michelin North AmericaMINExpo®, booth #2841!, 4837!, 1472!, 7094!, 9649!
Midland Enterprises Inc.
MINCOM Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8829!
Mine Safety Appliances Co. MINExpo®, booth #5134!
Mining Industry Council of Missouri
Mining Technologies InternationalMINExpo®, booth #4105!
Mississippi Potash, Inc.
Mitsubishi International Raw Material Division
MMD Mineral Sizing (America), Inc.MINExpo®, booth #2445!
Modular Mining Systems, Inc.MINExpo®, booth #8615!
Morgantown-National Supply, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #3653!
Morton Salt Division, Morton International



Nalco Chemical Company MINExpo®, booth #2271!
National Chemical Company, Inc.
National Gypsum Company
Natural Composites, LLC
Nebraska Public Power District
Nelson Brothers, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #1757!
Nevada Mining AssociationMINExpo®, booth #4201!
New Mexico Mining Association
Newmont Mining Corporation
Nicolet Minerals Company
Noranda, Inc.
Nordberg Inc. MINExpo®, booth #7410!
Norfolk Southern Corporation
North American Coal Corp.
Northwest Mining AssociationMINExpo®, booth # TBA!
Norwest Mine Services, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #4125!
NTI Global MINExpo®, booth #8492!



Ohio Coal Association
Ohio Valley Coal Company
Oremco, Inc.
Outokumpu Technology Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8819!
Oxford Mining Company, Inc.



Parsons Behle & Latimer
Pasminco, Clarksville Zinc Plant 
Patton Boggs, L.L.P.
Peabody Group
PennAmerican Coal, LP
Pennsylvania Anthracite Council
Pennsylvania Coal Association
Penn Virginia Corporation
Phelps Dodge Corporation MINExpo®, booth #8861!
Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #4019!
Phillips Coal Company
Phillips Machine Service, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #4053!
Pincock, Allen & Holt, Inc.MINExpo®, booth #1457!
Pittsburg & Midway Coal Mining Co.
Pittston Coal Company
Placer Dome U.S., Inc.
PNC Bank, N.A.
Pocahontas Land Corporation
Power Resources, Inc.
Preiser Scientific, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #1840!
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPMINExpo®, booth #4325!
Prok International-USA Inc. MINExpo®, booth #7028!
Prox Company, Inc.



Quikrete Companies, The MINExpo®, booth #4047!



RAG American Coal Holding, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #663!
Raytheon Engineers & Constructors
RECuVER, Inc. (a subsidiary of SepraDyne Corp.)
REICHdrill, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #9800!
Reliant Energy, HL&P
Rema Tip Top/North AmericaMINExpo®, booth #1965!
Resource Capital Fund L.P.
Reynolds International L.P. MINExpo®, booth #9047!
Rio Algom Mining Corporation
Roberts & Schaefer Company MINExpo®, booth #1519!
Rock Tools, Inc.
Rockwell Automation, Power Systems MINExpo®, booth #6511!
Rothschild Natural Resources L.L.C
Royal Gold, Inc.
Rudd Equipment Company



Sahara Coal Company Inc.
Saminco Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8976!
Sands Hill Coal Co., Inc.
Savage Industries Inc.
Schramm, Inc MINExpo®, booth #9844!
Schroeder IndustriesMINExpo®, booth #4039!
Sedgwick, Inc.
Senstar Capital Corporation
SEW-Eurodrive, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8661!
Shaw Pittman Potts & Trowbridge
Siemens Energy and AutomationMINExpo®, booth #6495!
Siemens Westinghouse Power Corp.
SMC Electrical Products Inc. MINExpo®, booth #3144!
Snell & Wilmer, L.L.P.
Solutia, Inc.
Sonic Dry Clean MINExpo®, booth #7883!
South Dakota Mining Association
Stamler Corporation MINExpo®, booth #7567!
State Industries, Inc.
Stolar Horizon, Inc.MINExpo®, booth #3656!
Svedala Industries, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #2701!



Tanoma Coal Company, Inc.
TEI ROCK DRILLS MINExpo®, booth #6675!
Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #8983!
Terex Mining MINExpo®, booth #9474!
T.J. Gundlach Machine CompanyMINExpo®, booth #3869!
Thompson Creek Mining Co.
Thunderbird Pacific Corp. MINExpo®, booth #5213!
TJB Incorporated MINExpo®, booth #4317!
Transalta Corp.
Trapper Mining Inc.
Tricon Metals & Services, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #7483!
Trinty E-Ventures MINExpo®, booth #2562!
TXU Mining
Tyco Valves & Controls, Reno Div.MINExpo®, booth #6029!



U.S. Borax Inc.
U.S. Generating Company
U.S. Gypsum Company
U.S. Pumice Company
UMETCO Minerals Corporation
Underwriters Safety & Claims
United Conveyor Corporation
United Park City Mines Company
UNOCAL (Molycorp, Inc.)
Usibelli Coal Mine Inc.
Utah Mining Association



Virginia Coal Association
Virginia Coal Council
Virginia Mining Association



Washington Group International, Inc. MINExpo®, booth #1039!
Formerly, the Morrison-Knudsen Corporation
Waterloo Coal Co., Inc.
West Virginia Coal Association
West Virginia Mining and Reclamation Association
WesTech MINExpo®, booth #9072!
Western Coal Council
Western Fuels Association Inc.
Western Pocahontas Properties
Wire Rope Corp. of America Inc. MINExpo®, booth #1845!
World Resources Company
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
Wyoming Mining Association Attended MINExpo® 2000



Zinc Corporation of America
Zurich US

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